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Getting Started

Timesheet Express captures worked hours, billable time, job costs, expenses, travel mileage and more.

Hours can be recorded in "real-time" or added manually.

Create teams and invite members for instant access to team activities. Send automatic notifications when hours have been submitted or approved.

Timesheet Express includes a simple messaging system including options for message confirmation and basic task updates.

All time sheets can be emailed or exported to excel for use in 3rd party systems.

Let's get started!


Timesheet Express Explainer

Timesheet Express
Timesheet Express Explainer
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Timesheet Express Explainer

Timesheet Express Explainer

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Adding Worked Hours, Expenses, Billable Time, Project Tasks

Adding Worked Hours, Expenses, Billable Time, Project Tasks

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Record Travel Distance, Route and Time Taken

Record Travel Distance, Route and Time Taken

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Exporting and Emailing Time sheets

Exporting and Emailing Time sheets

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Adding Team Members

Adding Team Members

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Submitting and Approving Team Timesheets

Submitting and Approving Team Timesheets

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If you're using Timesheet Express for the first time, you’ll need to create a new account.


Press the FIRST TIME USER link and follow the prompts to create your new account. You'll need a valid email address and a password.

If you’re installing the app on a new device, just enter the email address you originally signed up with and press the LOGIN button.

Press the PHOTO or IMAGE buttons to update your profile with something your team members will recognize.


Activity Timers

The Daily Activities screen is the first page displayed each time the app is opened. The purpose of this screen is to record time sheet activities in "real-time".

Press the DOWN ARROW on the slider panel to open a list of activities recorded in the last 24 hours. Activities started here must also be stopped here in order to become available in the time sheet editor.


Press the START button and select a category to commence your time sheet activity.


Categories are used to classify and group your activities and can be virtually anything you like.


Add new categories by pressing the PLUS button in the top right hand corner.


Examples categories include: job codes, client names, meetings, expense names and billable work. All activities recorded from here contain GPS data for start/stop.

Category base settings include:

  • Rate: The value of the expense or billable value.

  • Billable: Indicates that the category is billable.

  • Live Track: Activities launched with this option will capture your mileage in real-time as you are on the move.

  • Inc. Sales Tax: Indicates that any rate entered includes sales tax.

  • Expense: Indicates that  the category is expense.

  • Stop on New Activity: Instructs the app to automatically stop this activity when a new activity is started.

The Time Sheet Editor

Use the time sheet editor to manually add/edit hours and to approve times sheets submitted by your team.

Activities started and in-progress on the Daily Activity screen will only appear here once stopped.


You can also add an image to each time sheet as well as view mileage captured from any "Live-Track" activity.


Exporting Time Sheets

Time sheets can be exported or sent via email at any time. First select the members you wish to include in the export.

Press the EMAIL button to send an email using your local mail client. Alternatively, select the EXPORT option (from the menu in the top right) to view your data directly using any locally installed spread sheet viewer.


Press the FILTER button to select specific content to be included in your export. This is useful for generating exports restricted to billable hours, expenses or worked hours only.

Exports containing images may take some time to complete, be patient, it will complete. Uncheck the IMAGE filter option to reduce overall time taken (we recommend running image exports separately).


This document will be expanded significantly over the coming weeks, so please watch this space!

Please feel free to leave comments, report issues or make suggestions at

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