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Fast and reliable record keeping at your fingertips

The easiest way to capture worked & billable hours, job costs, expenses, travel mileage and much more

Timesheet Express has been designed from the ground up to be versatile and easy-to-use.

Activities may be captured in real-time or entered retrospectively using the full featured time sheet editor.

Activities recorded in real-time are GPS located and may be "live-tracked" to validate mileage claims.

With a built-in team management system, time sheet approval and task assignment has never been easier.


Just sign in, define some categories and start your timers.


It's that simple.


Mobile time sheets for small teams and individuals



Try it now - it's FREE! No-ads

Unlock Premium features for $4.99 AUD/month

Subscriptions may be cancelled via Google Play or Apple Store

For billing inquiries please submit a request here



Real-time worked hours, mileage, images

Timesheet Express will capture just about any activity you like.

Just add a category and start the timer. That's all there is to it!

Activities can be "live-tracked" to record route taken, distance and trip time. Works in offline mode.

Take a photo or link an image to any activity. Great for expense claims or extra "in-the-field" information.

Full featured time sheet editor

Daily, weekly or monthly hours can be added at any stage using our full featured time sheet editor.

Templates for regular hours may be re-used each week to rapidly create time sheets for an entire period. Add images or notes to any time sheet.

Export time sheets for yourself or your team.


  • Real-time activities & mileage

  • Time sheet editor with team approval

  • Time sheets GPS located

  • Track job costs & billable hours

  • Team chat with task confirmation

  • Export to spread sheet

  • Works in offline mode

Team chat with message confirmation and tasks

Use the integrated chat function to instantly send messages to your team.

Messages may be set to "Task" or "Confirmation", requiring team members to reply with quick updates on tasks or simple confirmations.



What if I have no or low signal strength?

Timesheet Express can operate in offline mode where all activities and time sheets are written locally to your device. Refresh your data from the time sheet editing screen by carrying out a "pull down" motion on the top of the list. All entries will be synchronized with the cloud.

Can I live-track mileage without a phone signal?

Yes, but the accuracy of your route may be slightly diminished. When you do have a signal, ensure your device's location settings are set to highest level of detail for more accurate mileage calculations.

Is the app susceptible to fake location software?

Timesheet Express uses a fake GPS detection system to eliminate mock GPS signals on Android devices. If location services are switched off, the app will not capture any GPS data at all. The time sheet editing screen will only show map GPS start and stop pins when an entry is recorded with location services enabled.

​Can I record billable hours?

Yes. Just add a category, label it accordingly and set the "billable" option to true. You will then be able to record a billable portion of time and subsequently filter and export billable hours at a later stage.

What if my data won't sync?

Just make sure your internet is available and carry out a "pull down" motion on the top of time sheet screen to sync your data. If you receive an error, close the app from the task manager, reopen it and sync again.

Can I record multiple time sheet activities at the same time?

Yes. When adding or editing a category just deselect the "stop on new category" option and the activity timer will continue to run when the next activity commences.

Can I view and approve time sheets for my team?

Yes. Under system setup, just invite team members (using email address) and you will be able to select, view, edit and approve member hours directly from your phone. The app will message team members when hours have been approved.

Why can't I view all my team member's hours from the time sheet editor?

Your team members are required to submit their hours directly from their devices before you can view them. You will receive a message when a team member submits their hours.


What People are Saying

Don't just take our word for it!

“Timesheet Express has enabled us to eliminate almost all of the paperwork relating to worked hours. It's very easy to use, anyone can get started without any fuss”

“As a contractor, this app has been invaluable. I record all of my billable hours directly from my phone.

I also find the mileage live-track function very handy”

“I ask my team to submit time sheets each week. This app makes it all so easy.

I know where they've worked and what expenses they've incurred ”

Kylie from ACT

Nick from QLD

Danny from NSW


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